The ancient practice of direct revelation for                                  insight, healing and connectivity

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The Shamanic Journey Practice – 30 Day Guided Introduction to the Shamanic Journey is an online program that includes what a journey is, how long to journey for and immediate access to 30 guided video prompts. The course also includes 4 drumming and 4 music MP3's.  Journey once a day for 30 days or create your own schedule based upon your own comfort level.

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This online program was inspired by four questions repeatedly asked by clients, colleagues, friends and family. Those questions were:

Inspired by four questions:

  • What is a shamanic journey?
  • How do I journey?
  • What do I journey on or for?
  • How long do I journey for?

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 With 34 videos, eBook, MP3's, and PDF's

A Shamanic Journey is an ancient practice of direct revelation for insight, healing and connectivity. In the most basic terms, it is a form of deep meditation or inner consultation, initiated by ceremony and energy clearing, where one uses their imagination or creative visualization to connect with your inner self, your soul self, and/or helping spirits, in what is often referred to as non-ordinary reality, the invisible or unseen world, or other realms. 

It is a common practice among many cultures regardless of geographic location and is a simple approach for direct access and spiritual information for personal empowerment, information, healing and guidance. It is YOUR GUIDANCE – not the guidance of someone else. I have been practicing the shamanic journey for as long as I can remember, before I had words to describe what I was actually doing!  

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Start NOW with immediate access to all journeys, videos and supporting PDF's, as well as my Shamanic Journey Practice 30-Day Guided Introduction to the Shamanic Journey eBook. After the journey, participants are encouraged to write about their experience.

Initially, each journeyer practices for only 5 minutes at a time for one week. At the beginning of each new week the journeyer extends their practice by an additional 5 minutes, if desired, listening to one of the extended drumming MP3's.

At the end of the program each person will have potentially journeyed for at least 30 days, with enough practice to take the journey experience on your own or delve deeper with any one of the suggested resources.

We end with a community journey on “The Heartbeat of Humanity” sending love to all beings on the planet including Mother Earth, then out to the cosmos.

Our lives are so fast paced and stress filled that we seem completely out of balance. This FREE Shamanic Journey Practice - 30  Guided Day Introduction to the Shamanic Journey offers a safe, unique tool, based on ancient teachings, to create a greater sense of overall well-being and a deeper connection to self and others. 

Over 7 hours of content including:

  • Shamanic Journey Practice - 30 Day Guided Introduction to the Shamanic Journey eBook
  • 4 Shamanic Drumming MP3's
  • 4 Shamanic Music MP3's
  • 34 Videos

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For 34 videos, eBook, MP3's, and PDF's

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What others say about this course:

"Through the Shamanic Journey Practice program Teri made it simple to follow and easy to begin a journey - with no fear - only love!" Randy, Nashville, TN


After listening to Teri's show and reading one of her blogs I reached out to her for guidance on the Shamanic Journey Practice. She took the best of what she has learned and shared with me how to connect in with my higher self and guides. It's such an enriching experience that I am now teaching it to my daughter! Brenda, Toledo, OH


Shamanic Journey Practice was life changing for me!  After working with Teri, I journey for almost anything in life! Walter, Cleveland, OH

About Teri Williams

Shamanic Mentor, Energy Practitioner and Host of Soulful Living

Teri Williams

Teri Griffin Williams, of Soul Practices, is a Shamanic and Energy practitioner. Her work centers around practicing the Art of Impeccable Soul Care, discovering how to support your soul through one simple tenet: What we focus on multiplies. The foundation of her work, personally and professionally, is based upon the Shamanic teachings. As a practicing shaman she believes that every being on the planet has the capacity to connect with their higher self, their soul, and benevolent guidance for insight, healing and deeper connection to all beings, through the Shamanic Journey Practice.  "We are here to love and to heal! Through the Shamanic Journey Practice we can learn to love deeper than we can imagine, beginning with a love for oneself, sending that love out to all beings on the planet!" She hosts Soulful Living at Empower Radio, and is the creator of the Shamanic Journey Practice as well as the Learn Reiki from Home certification home study courses. “Ultimately it is YOU that will be your own healer. I am simply a vehicle to help you live a more soulful lifestyle, including living your passion and purpose, with grace and ease.” Find more about Teri at Jennifer from Detroit, MI says: "The Shamanic Journey Practice has helped me to deepen my own sense of self love, confidence and connection to my family. It’s a wonderful tool for interactive guidance from your higher self!  Thank YOU, Teri!"